Progressive, specialized, professional and well-structured, F&A is a full-service firm of accounting, invoice processing, financial reporting, payroll processing, Set-up new-co. Whether you are a foreign company setting up joint ventures in India, an Indian business seeking project assistance or USA or Australian business. F&A develops, implement and monitors your business plans. With an inside industries experience of value-added expertise. A strong team of professionals and a passion for excellence, along with the highest standards reliability, inclusiveness and transparency characterize our business dealings. A vibrant cross-functional and multidisciplinary team consistently ensure efficient results while a broad reach and expertise make us the preferred choice of Start-up and Small Enterprises

Commitment to Customer

  • You’ll have no nasty surprises when our invoice arrives because we quote upfront and our fees are fixed

  • We schedule all our jobs and stick to it

  • You never need to worry about missing a deadline

  • We deliver quickly and accurately

  • Value beyond compliance